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Maria Layus on David Luepschen set
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Curious Observer Listener Creative Maker Funny Smart Driven Optimistic Loyal Pragmatic Analytical

Adaptable award-winning director and writer-producer with a proven track record for formulating ideas and turning them into polished, successful campaigns and original content for both linear and non-linear platforms.

I can work both as a one-woman band and managing interdisciplinary teams and crews.

I thrive with everything involving creative thinking and storytelling, from chasing rock bands for non-scripted content to developing stories and creating 360-branding multi-platform campaigns. 


In the middle?  Hundreds of promos, digital content, short films, interviews, and a couple of after-hours.

Born and raised in Belgium and Brasil to Argentinean parents, I'm fluent in four languages; I wrote scripts and led projects at Cartoon Network Latin America from 2009 to 2023 in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. ......all while confusing bystanders with my non-descriptive accent.

2023 is a year of change, and I'm happy to start a new cycle as a freelance creative, writer, and executive producer.

Check out some pretty cool projects and campaigns I've worked on here.


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