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Maria Layus on David Luepschen set
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Curious Observer Listener Creative Maker Funny Smart Driven Optimistic Loyal Pragmatic Analytical

Adaptable award-winning director and writer-producer with a proven track record for formulating ideas and turning them into polished, successful campaigns and original content for both linear and non-linear platforms.

I can work both as a one-woman band and managing interdisciplinary teams and crews.

I thrive with everything involving creative thinking and storytelling, from chasing rock bands for non-scripted content to developing stories and creating 360-branding multi-platform campaigns. 


In the middle?  Hundreds of promos, digital content, short films, interviews, and a couple of after-hours.

Born and raised in Belgium and Brasil to Argentinean parents, I'm fluent in four languages; I wrote scripts and led projects at Cartoon Network Latin America from 2009 to 2023 in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. ......all while confusing bystanders with my non-descriptive accent.

In 2023, I started a new cycle as a freelance creative producer, writer, and IP consultant. I attended the Annecy International Animation Festival to connect with peers and industry professionals, inspiring me to start the Women in Animation collective in Atlanta and continue developing independent animated content. Simultaneously, I started as a freelance contractor at Mailchimp Intuit, where I am able to contribute my creative producing skills while getting insights into product marketing and deepening my knowledge of what drives customer engagement. All while working with the wonderful team that is Wink Creative. 


Life is a journey; I'm thankful for all that the human experience includes and excited for the future.

Check out some pretty cool projects and campaigns I've worked on here.


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